Depending on the model and the technology used, water, Juice, Carbonated Water or soft drink, dairy, edible oil can be bottled at various volumes and capacities with KOMBI FILLING MACHINES Get a Quote Download PDF

With over 20 years of professional experience, Kombi Makina continues to deliver top-of-the-range beverage filling solutions. Kombi filling machines have superior hygiene standards and remarkable efficiencies. The machines automatically rinse, fill and cap bottles.


The beverage filling process requires high levels of precision as you are dealing with fragile packaging materials. When packaging beverages, it is vital to keep the oxygen content within certain limits. It is easy to lose the product quality at the filling stage. Kombi Makina works on the technicalities of the filling process so that you deliver high-quality products to your consumers.


Our filling solutions automatically clean your packaging bottles with provisions for PET bottles, HDPE packaging and glass bottles. Kombi Makina utilizes modern technologies to optimize the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of filling machines. The machines have electronic flowmeters for accurate volumetric control. The volumetric precision of our filling machines is 0.002%.


As we extend our global presence, we continue providing sustainable filling solutions to address the packaging needs of our diverse customer base. We have custom solutions for filling dairy, water, juices, edible oils, carbonated soft drinks and other consumer products.


We also supply and maintain gravity filling machines that handle bottles of different volumes and designs. Kombi Makina filling machines accommodate diverse cap designs to match the tasteful designs of your bottles.

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