Secondary packaging offered by KOMBI MAKINA are automatic shrink wrapping, wrap-around packing or pick and place case packing. Get a Quote

Kombi Makina is an innovative, one-stop-shop solutions partner that provides high-quality, durable and sustainable secondary packaging solutions. We have machines for shrink wrappers, wrap-around packages, pick and place cases. Kombi Makina provides affordable packaging solutions and lifetime technical support.


Our modern packaging machines focus on flexibility, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and minimal resource wastage. At Kombi Makina, we listen to our customers. In that regard, we supply and maintain Shrink Wrapping Machines, Wrap Around Carton Machine, Carton Packing machines and Case Packing Machines. We design packaging solutions with the end-user in mind. We factor in ergonomics and ease of handling in our design process.


Kombi Makina packaging machines adhere to strict health and hygiene standards to produce flexible packaging materials. Our packaging products are easy to seal using melt glue or ordinary sealing tapes. We automate our packaging machines to improve infeed rates and changeover flexibilities. Another advantage of our packaging solutions is that they can fit any product shape and size.


We optimize process controls and safety utilities on our packaging equipment for optimum machine utilization, versatility and easy adjustment.  We are continuously exploring sustainable packaging materials, retrofitting and upgrading our machines to improve the quality and cut the cost of beverage production and handling. Our professional team will guide you to select the most appropriate packaging machine for your business needs.

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