As KOMBI MAKINA, we are aware of the importance of using the proper machinery for your application. By choosing our fruit juice bottling equipment, highly sanitary, you can ensure the quality of your product and the appropriate operating of your line. Get a Quote Download PDF

Consumers describe juices in terms of taste, flavor or smoothness. Kombi Makina continues to support businesses around the globe to bottle quality juice products.


Achieving the ultimate juice quality requires investment in the correct pieces of equipment that facilitate hygienic handling of fruit pulp, additives, concentrates and bottling utilities. The ratios of juice production materials have to remain constant throughout the process.


Kombi Makina juice filling lines boast excellent sanitary standards, high production efficiency and automated controls for high quality products. We believe in endless possibilities and understand that our customers deal with juices bearing different physical characteristics like viscosity, flavors and package sizes. As a listening partner, we evaluate all the technical specifications and requirements forwarded by our customers. We perform life-cycle analysis of juice filling line solutions to provide our global customers with tailored, affordable and sustainable solutions.


Our complete juice filling lines consist of blending tanks, deaerators, pasteurizers, mixers, blowing machines, hot filling stations (glass lines), cooling tunnels, labeling machines and secondary packing machines (shrink & carton). At Kombi Makina, we want our clients to reap maximum returns from their equipment. We fine-tune our systems for easy maintenance, maximum uptime and minimum levels of waste.


Kombi Makina retains cordial partnerships with global customers beyond supply and commissioning of juice filling lines. We offer factory standard maintenance and equipment upgrades to extend the useful lives of equipment.


Bottle Type Bottle Format Line Capacity (bottle per hour)
From To From To
PET 200 ml 2 Litre 2.000 16.000
  • Machine #1
  • Kombi Makina
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