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Dairy products are part of our daily lives. They are nutritious and contain mineral components that are essential for human health. While dairy consumption habits vary all over the world, one thing is constant. Its packaging and handling require the highest standards of hygiene. Kombi Makina provides valuable solutions for bottling this microbiologically responsive product for extended shelf life and preservation of nutrients.


The goal of milk processing is to eliminate harmful bacteria while retaining freshness and quality. Secondary processing converts the liquid milk into yogurts (ayran), cheese, butter or powdered milk. At Kombi Makina, we understand that consumers of dairy products prefer brands with provable hygiene standards. Our dairy filling lines support the clean and healthy handling of dairy products and packaging materials.


Kombi Makina provides quality, long-lasting dairy filling lines which guarantee bacteria-free handling and bottling of dairy products. We rely on insights and experiences from our more than 20 years of global presence to develop robust dairy filling solutions to cater to the needs of customer.


Our dairy packaging solutions offer maximum protection against impurities during transportation and storage. We utilize innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, which provide utmost protection to dairy products and consume fewer raw materials during production.


Kombi Makina will walk with you throughout the journey. We will evaluate your dairy filling needs and provide you with the affordable, reliable and efficient solution. Our complete dairy lines will enable you to package different products in PET, HDPE or glass bottles so that you maintain the freshness and stability from the farm to the table.

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