KOMBI MAKINA supply wide range of palletizers & depalletizes includes machines with low- or high-level product infeed. Get a Quote

Kombi Makina palletizers and depalletizers combine several technologies to enhance product handling capacities and precision. We deal in traditional palletizing systems, robotic palletizers and a combination of both technologies. Kombi Makina provides custom solutions that meet output and precision requirements for different production lines.


Robotic palletizers operate autonomously following specific paths and sequences. Their dripping tools exert particular intensities of force when picking or removing products from a pallet. We provide holistic palletizing and depalletizing machines to facilitate transportation of pallets, loading and unloading pallets, stacking products and combining packs into layers.


Kombi Makina supplies inline and perpendicular (90°) palletizing machines which organize products layer-by-layer. These are reliable palletizing machines that handle small packs and guarantee fast changeovers. We have two options for depalletizers — systems with moveable pallets or steady pallets.


By comparison, robotic palletizing systems have better performances than traditional systems since they operate at higher speeds with remarkable accuracy. Additionally, we provide solutions for wrapping and combining pallets to protect products from damage when handling or transporting. We have Turntable Wrappers that contain tables on which loaded pallets rest. The turntable rotates relative to the stretchable wrappers. Another variation is the Rotary Arm Wrapper which has a flexible arm that revolves around the pallets while wrapping it. We have an experienced technical team that will evaluate your production needs to help you choose the best palletizing and depalletizing solutions for you.


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