KOMBI's full CSD line considers every step of your PET CSD phase, from reducing resource waste, to helping you meet your production goals, to deciding the tempting look and weight of your bottle. Get a Quote Download PDF

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) are a preferable choice for most people because of their non-alcoholic nature. Matching the high demand for CSD requires innovative bottling solutions that focus on affordability, lightweight and aesthetic appearance. Kombi Makina provides full-process solutions for bottling carbonated soft drinks in PET & glass bottles.


Kombi Makina designs, supplies and installs robust CSD filling lines that are efficient and productive at every phase of the process. Despite their lightweight, the PET bottles produced are durable and of great quality. Our global presence, long professional experience and access to digital design tools allow us to convert ideas into products.


Our CSD filling lines are a one-fit-all solution with automatic product changeovers. You can switch production from one flavor or product to the other in a short time for maximum utilisation of production equipment. Even better, the design of every part focuses on reducing product and material wastages. Our filling lines use precision controls to measure and mix carbon dioxide with the beverages.


Brands thrive on the quality and hygiene of products as well as the safety of production processes. Kombi Makina prides itself as a partner that upholds all these aspects to enhance production flexibility.


We continue exploring and infusing modern production technologies as we focus on eliminating production losses, averting equipment breakdown and reducing the energy consumption of CSD filling lines.


Bottle Type Bottle Format Line Capacity (bottle per hour)
From To From To
PET 250 ml 2,5 Litre 2.500 12.000
  • Machine #1
  • Kombi Makina
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