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Consumption of edible oils is on a steady rise as individuals and establishments seek to enhance the taste of different foods. Kombi Makina provides you with filling and packaging solutions to assist you in maintaining the quality of edible oils. We have multiple solutions that will grant  quick, efficient, safe and hygienic processing of edible oil products. 


Our edible oil line filling products utilize modern technology for optimum efficiency, enabling you to meet your production targets in a cost-efficient manner. Kombi Makina’s complete edible oil filling line is a high efficiency solution that handles PET bottles, packaging, labeling and capping.


We want our global customers to stand out despite the stiff competition. That is why our edible oil filling lines are designed for excellent hygiene standards with automated controls to improve the accuracy of processes. We are not only focusing on attractive packaging — we provide sturdy, durable and sustainable oil filling solutions.


Kombi Makina believes that imagination is unlimited. For more than 20 years, our team of experts has developed high efficiency solutions for the customers all around the world. We provide lifecycle support, help our clients to maintain, upgrade and optimize their edible oil filling businesses.


You have to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Our filling lines can handle bottles of different sizes and shapes. Kombi Makina complete edible oil filling line solutions for PET bottles can handle:


Bottle Type Bottle Format Line Capacity (bottle per hour)
From To From To
PET 250 ml 2 Litre 1200 12.000
3 Litre 12 Litre 300 1200
5 Litre 20 Litre 500 1000
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