KOMBI MAKINA provides a various machine models to fulfill customers labelling needs, such as full body, partial body, and security sleeve or seal of guarantee, pre-glued or hot melt labelling. Get a Quote

Kombi  Makina has a variety of labelling solutions to enhance the visibility of brands amid stiff competition. Labelling needs vary from one customer to the other.  We have various labelling machines for high-quality product labels. Kombi has tailor-made solutions for labelling PET bottles, cans, glass bottles, jars and HDPE packaging.


The first impression for a shopper is the visibility of a particular brand on the shelf. As a holistic filling and packaging partner, Kombi Makina supports your business from production to supply chain. Our modern labelling machines can perform full-body labelling, partial body labelling, pre-glued labelling, hot melt labelling or pressure-sensitive security labelling.


With several years of experience, we continue delivering efficient labelling solutions for ordinary and premium products. We have reliable machines that can label bottles of different sizes and shapes. Kombi Makina increaes the performance of labelling machines by automating them to increase labelling precision and quality. We have linear and rotary labelling machines to cater to all our customers.

Kombi Makina specializes in flexible labelling solutions to enable you to incorporate pieces of digital art on bottle labels. We provide a labelling solution for every bottle shape. We supply the following labelling machines.


KOMBI Series Small Bottles Big Bottles
SAS 12.000 bph 2.500 bph
Linear ROLL 18.000 bph
Rotary ROLL 35.000 bph 8.000 bph
Body SLV 30.000 bph
Security SLV 24.000 bph 1.200 bph
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