Kombi Makina specializes in the supply and maintenance of a wide range of beverage production equipment. The company enlists the services of highly qualified professionals who understand the ins and outs of each piece of equipment. We work closely with our global customers to provide the necessary training for operators and in-house maintenance teams.

With years of experience, Kombi Makina continues to build capacity for technical operators and technicians so that companies can autonomously manage the maintenance of production equipment. We equip company operators with basic knowledge of equipment controls, safety devices and routine pre-work and post-work inspections.

Kombi Makina provides training for maintenance technicians to enable them to troubleshoot equipment defects and undertake corrective measures. We are constantly working with our global partners to implement advanced technologies to boost equipment productivity. Kombi Makina extends training to employees of our customers to acquaint them with the latest technologies.

Kombi Makina standard training programs ensure that operators utilize equipment within the recommended limits while technicians provide adequate maintenance. It ensures the safe utilization of production equipment for maximum productivity.

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