KOMBI MAKINA has professionally been in beverages filling and packaging business for more than 20 years. By using modern technology and with broad technical knowledge, we provide the best solutions of complete water filling line Get a Quote Download PDF

For more than 20 years, Kombi Makina has innovatively fused modern technology and extensive technical experience to provide solutions for clients in the beverages and packaging sector. We are a listening partner and endeavor to offer the finest water filling line solutions.


Water has varying chemical compositions and characteristics depending on the source, yet it plays a crucial role in human life. It is a precious resource for quenching thirst and protecting our health. Water production is a craft that requires utmost care for guaranteed hygiene and safety.


We value sustainability and support our clients as they build reputable brands. At Kombi Makina, we supply customized, high-quality water filling lines that are efficient, hygienic and compliant with health regulations.


Kombi Makina water filling lines consist of PET blow molding machine, filling machine, labeling machine, date coding machine, packaging machine, palletizing machine and water treatment system. Our focus goes beyond providing durable water bottling solutions. We optimize our products to minimize resource waste throughout the process so that you can focus on maximizing production.


We are a reputable business partner with a global customer base, providing technical support for the following water filling line solutions.


Bottle Type Bottle Format Line Capacity (bottle per hour)
From To From To
PET 200 ml 2 Litre 2.000 30.000
3 Litre 12 Litre 600 3000
5 Litre 19 Litre 350 700
PC 19 Litre 200 2.200
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