Technical Service

Kombi Makina continues to forge long-lasting partnerships with customers all over the world. We supply, install and provide technical support for different beverage production equipment. Our technical support is structured to provide remote and physical help with agents responding to client requests. We help our clients to remain competitive by providing reliable and timely solutions to avert production stops.

Our well-organized technical support teams coordinate with the clients to identify the root cause of a technical issue, devise a plan for rectification, and prepare the requisite spare parts and tools. Kombi Makina dispatches a team of maintenance professionals to undertake corrective measures within the shortest possible time.

Our technical support goes beyond routine maintenance. We provide operational recommendations for improving the efficiency of production equipment and preventing the recurrence of common technical problems.

Kombi Makina keeps tabs on every technical issue reported by customers to improve service delivery. We are happy to help you streamline your beverage production.

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