Long Term Technical Support

Long-term technical support is a system for new customers. If you’re new to the beverage business, you can have this service to ensure that your business starts smoothly and efficiently.

We can provide a technician(s) to our customer for 3-6 or 12 months to operate the production line. Our long term technical expert will control each step of the production line from blow moulding up to packaging machine. He will keep the production rate as high as possible and will help the operators of the customer. Also customer’s technicians will be trained everyday because operators will learn new things from our technician each day. Operators will also take the advantage of our technician’s past experiences. If customer agrees to have long term technical support, our long term expert will come with our technical team and help them to complete the installation of the line. Once it is completed the technical team will come back but our long term expert will stay in the customer’s factory as agreed.

You can keep your production quality and rate at the top with this solution. At the end of this period your operators will be ready to operate the machines and your production line will work more efficiently than ever.

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