Line Relocation

Kombi Makina provides professional relocation services for clients seeking to expand their beverage production businesses or reorganize their facility layouts. Line relocation is a labor-intensive process that involves disassembly, re-installation, maintenance and testing.

We are a holistic solution provider for clients in beverage production with a global presence. We have a team of well-versed technical experts with deep knowledge of different beverage production lines. Kombi Makina professional teams will work on a plan for carefully relocating and reconfiguring production lines in time.

Line relocation is a delicate process. Safe handling of individual units is inevitable, lest you damage critical parts. Kombi Makina has continually enhanced relocation handling and safety protocols for error-free operations. We inspire confidence in all our operations with a focus on minimizing waste. We offer comprehensive maintenance services after every relocation. Kombi Makina tests all line equipment to verify the continuity of processes and efficiency of equipment so that you can get back to production quickly.

Kombi Makina’s professional teams are ready to relocate beverage production lines wherever you are in the world.

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