KOMBI BLOW MOLDING MACHINES have many different models that propose wide range of production capacities for the different PET bottle volumes. Get a Quote

Kombi Makina provides comprehensive solutions for streamlining mass production. Processes in the beverage production sector require the delicate handling of raw materials, by-products and packaging materials. At the heart of all these operations are conveyor systems that enhance the efficiency and uniformity of processes.


Product quality depends on the consistency of processes. Kombi Makina continues to deliver innovative automation solutions to speed up and simplify operations. Our conveying systems guarantee efficient routing, distribution and handling of material to eliminate production defects, losses and bottlenecks.


Kombi Makina supplies custom Air Conveyors handling lightweight bottles. The conveyors provide the means to quickly and safely transport PET bottles en route to filling stations. We value lean manufacturing processes and support our customers to achieve full utilization of production facilities. Our Accumulation Belt Conveyors ensure that machines and production lines meet the appropriate production capacities.


Kombi Makina supplies Pack Conveyors for quick and efficient packaging processes. They handle cartons, trays, plastic shrinks, crates and cones. We also have Pallet Conveyors which transport pallets to and from the end of the production lines where loading for storage or distribution happens.


We also deal in Roller and Skate Conveyors that rely upon gravity to convey materials from one point to the next on the production line. Our conveying systems are reliable, consume less energy and are silent during operation.

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